11 Feb

*Brought over from the old blog*

I originally posted this over 2 years ago and we still use it. I have made some better ingredient choices since then but the recipe is the same. 


Steven and I both decided to give up the normal antiperspirants/deodorants awhile back. The problem with antiperspirants is that they actually contain aluminum that builds up in your body and research has shown links to using antiperspirants and breast cancer. One study even showed a connection between aluminum use and Alzheimer’s. Antiperspirants stop your sweat glands from producing sweat and although this seems like a good thing, it is very bad. Our sweat is there to help our bodies regulate body temperature and eliminate toxins from our body. Constantly inhibiting the body’s natural process has negative effects over time, especially when combined with the actual ingredients used to make this happen.


Most over the counter products these days are antiperspirant/deodorant combos so it was a choice of maybe three brands that we could decide between that were both free of antiperspirant and parabens. Over the last few months we have tried all of them with minimal success. I even had a horrible allergic response to one of the brands and broke out in a rash under my arms. {tmi}


One good thing is Steven has noticed he actually sweats LESS when not using the antiperspirants because once his body returned to a normal state of sweating, it regulated itself. When he used the antiperspirants, there was a build up of sweat in his body and when they would wear off during the day, his body would pour out the excess. This cycle lasted for years. He would notice no sweat with antiperspirants= good, tons of sweat after=bad, therefore; use more!! Since he stopped the use of them, his actual amount of sweat has surprised him.


Apart from that surprising result, the odor has still been the issue. These other brands have failed to impress and so I decided to finally make some homemade deodorant. I have been wanting to make some for awhile but we were giving the store bought ones a try. But when Steven finally gave the go ahead and wanted to try the homemade, I was rearing to go!



{I started with 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup arrowroot (or cornstarch). Mix that up in a small bowl.}

{Cut in 8-12 Tbsp coconut oil with a fork or pastry blender. Use less or more coconut oil as needed to combine the ingredients enough that when you mush it with your hands they stick and combine.}

{I added a bit of tee tree essential oil, just a few drops for the scent and its natural antibacterial properties}

{You can use this in a bowl and apply with your fingers but I decided to fill up an old dispenser. Just lower the dispenser back down and fill it up, gently pressing it as you go to form a cake.}

{This dispenser had easy to remove labels so I took those off and now we have a great homemade deodorant stick! This batch makes enough for 2 sticks.}



We absolutely LOVE this deodorant. It does an amazing job at keeping things free of odor and with only having 3-4 ingredients, it keeps my mind free of concerns as well.


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