Type (B) Mama Confessions: Cleaning

28 Mar

I was talking with a dear friend the other day on the phone. During our conversation I mentioned how lately I have been trying to adhere to a self imposed daily cleaning schedule. It isn’t a very strict schedule at all. I have noticed that it has made things easier to manage our home.

Here is a copy if you are curious:

chevron schedule2


As a Type (B) Mama, I find that I NEED a schedule to motivate me. It is really easy for me to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and I end up not doing anything at all! In my conversation with my friend I confessed my hatred for chores. She was so surprised by this. She told me she always imagined me vacuuming in pearls and joyfully scouring my home like any domestic goddess would do! After I stopped laughing, I shattered her image.

While I might actually be vacuuming in pearls, because I ALWAYS wear pearls (even in yoga pants) the joy part couldn’t be further from the truth. As much as I love cooking and doing small crafts and being a mother and homemaker, housework is the least enjoyable part for me.

I thought most people could tell this by some of my other confessions. Just to be clear to any others who may have this inaccurate impression, I HATE IT! hahaha

My question for her, a more Type (A) Mama, was do you find a schedule helps you? Or do you have an indwelling of the cleaning spirit?! She told me that there were certain areas of her home that she cannot leave undone without it driving her mad. Unlike me, she cannot leave a dish left unwashed in her sink. She must always do a house reset and can’t stop herself from constantly picking up her toddler’s toys, even though she knows they will be scattered immediately after. There were a few more chores that she felt compelled to complete daily but she didn’t find that she needed a schedule to maintain her home.

I wish that were me! I have absolutely no chore that I NEED to get done or else I cannot sleep. I have no O.C.D cleaning urges at all. I do them out of duty, love for my family, pride in my home and glory to God.

Of course I love a clean home. I would not be content living in a huge mess. I just have no qualms about leaving dishes undone, not mopping for weeks, and living out of a laundry hamper because I don’t feel like hanging up all of my laundry. SO for me, I find a cleaning schedule gives me direction. It motivates me to perform the duties laid out for the day in a manageable dose. It allows me some flexibility as well, if I just cannot accomplish the day’s task, I can swap days.

This schedule that I created is what works for me. I don’t adhere to it 100% of the time but I notice the more consistent I am, the easier it is to maintain our home. When I miss days things start to pile up and overwhelm me again. That’s when I invite company over to spur me into a cleaning frenzy!

Do you have chores that you feel compelled to do, no matter what? Or are you more like me? Do you follow a schedule or is your internal clean freak all that you need? 🙂



2 Responses to “Type (B) Mama Confessions: Cleaning”

  1. past the outer courts... March 29, 2013 at 12:26 am #

    I am more like your friend. I think. I am CONSTANTLY picking up and cleaning because I can’t function in chaos. Also, I get bored. Yup. With two boys. So I clean to stay busy. I organize to avoid my kids lol!! It’s so sad, but true. The roughest days I typically have the cleanest house. Because my kids were bugging me so I ignored them and went on a cleaning spree….

  2. Amanda March 29, 2013 at 12:54 am #

    haha well I will admit that since becoming a mother I have felt as though doing dishes while Steven watched Linden, was almost like vacation! haha

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