How a 29 Year Old Woman Becomes a New Driver

11 Apr

I have had a lot of questions recently about why I don’t have a drivers license so I thought I would give you the run down here.

When I was in high school I got my permit. I got it sort of late though, 17. In Oregon you had to log so many hours before you were allowed to take the skills test. During the time I got my permit, my parents had a ford sedan that was an automatic and I feel I drove it often but not enough for my mom to sign off on the hours. I was pretty busy in high school and often stayed late at school for drama, choir or swim team. Because of that, I didn’t have many driving opportunities. During my senior year, my parents got a new car which was a stick shift! I tried to drive it and just couldn’t get the hang of it. After stalling it a few times I just got discouraged and lost my motivation. I was heading off to college soon and wouldn’t “need” a car so I just sort of let the issue rest and didn’t think about it.

Fast forward to college. I went to a small Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. I lived on campus and most everything was walkable, bike-able, or bus-able. I’m sure it would have been more handy to have a car on occasions but for the normal day to day I never needed it.

After college, I moved to Seattle. I lived in a one bedroom two blocks north of the Space Needle. Again, I walked, bussed or biked anywhere I needed to go. My building charged tenants extra monthly fees for cars and along with gas and insurance, there was no way I could afford to even own a car! I took the bus to and from work every day. It allowed me time to read, listen to music, make phone calls, people watch and enjoy the city I love!

When Steven and I were married, I moved in with him in Bellevue, Washington. This is when I realized that I needed a license. We did not live in the best location to walk, bus or bike. Bellevue is more of a driving town. The problem I encountered then was the same as a teenager. Steven drives a manual!

He took me driving a few times but I just don’t think I am coordinated to drive a manual. The plan was to either buy a junker automatic to learn on and use as my car or to take a drivers class where I could use the student car.

Like all things in life, it takes time and money. Either we couldn’t afford to pay the $300+ to take a class or if we could afford the class there was no time. My hours at work never allowed me the time to take the class.

When we moved to our current home, I left my job. We moved here with the intention of starting a family. Little did we know I was already pregnant! We had hoped to get the driving under way before having our first baby but God had other plans! I didn’t feel comfortable taking a driving course while being pregnant and so I have just continued life as normal.

Now we know how life functions with a toddler and one car. It is fine but would function much more smoothly if I drove. We had been in search of buying a vehicle when Steven’s dad made us the offer of his van. It worked out perfectly.

Last week I took my knowledge test and passed. I received my temporary permit on Monday and look forward to having my official permit in a week or two. We plan on starting for a second child in another month so I hope to get my drivers license by the summer but definitely before I turn 30 in November! This time next year I hope to be a mama of 2 driving her minivan. PicsArt-1

(Don’t mind the black out… also, so glad I can take a new picture for the drivers license because this permit picture is hideous!)



One Response to “How a 29 Year Old Woman Becomes a New Driver”

  1. Nona April 11, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    congrats! so excited for you. 🙂

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