Half way there! Whole30 Update Week 2

6 May

Well, we made it another week!

Day 8


I had a quick breakfast of fried eggs, various veggies with almond spread and a side of cashews and strawberries. For lunch I had leftover broccoli soup and tuna salad. Dinner was asparagus with hollandaise sauce, roasted carrots and salmon cakes for me. Steven had a steak that night. Before he had that steak, however, it fell on the floor after the pyrex it cooked in exploded in Steven’s hands!!

Day 9


My favorite breakfast of benedict florentine is becoming quite common these days. Lunch was a caesar salad and pesto sardine spaghetti squash. Dinner was fried eggs with ratatouille.

Day 10


I started making a really quick breakfast that is basically frozen stir-fry vegetables mixed with scrambled eggs. Leftover salmon cakes for lunch are becoming another favorite around here too. They are just so good I could eat them for every meal. Thank God for leftovers this week! I have been cooking so much because not only am I preparing my meals but Steven is eating many different things that I am not so I have made double meals a lot of days.

Day 11


Stir-fry veggie scramble and mango for breakfast again. Lunch and dinner were the same because I didn’t want to cook anything for dinner. Leftover bone broth vegetable soup and an egg wrap full of tomatoes, greens and avocado.

Day 12


Are you noticing a trend yet? I am using the same photo, but for the stir-fry veggie breakfast I have alternated the fruit. The mango just looks so pretty. For Lunch I made salmon asparagus mini quiches with leftover soup and salad. Friday has become our Fish night. I made the almond crusted cod, sweet potato fries and coleslaw with tartar sauce just like last week.

Day 13


A day of repeats and leftovers. Benedict florentine breakfast, soup and quiche for lunch and almond crusted fish for dinner.

Day 14


Stir-fry veggie scramble and fruit for breakfast. Salmon quiches and salad for lunch. We had company Sunday evening and decided to grill. The men had grilled steaks and I had grilled salmon. I made a huge batch of balsamic grilled vegetables including yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, garlic, shallots, and broccoli.

This week was hard for me. I have been struggling to keep up with the extra cooking while also trying to encourage Steven to stay the course. He has had such a rough time on this challenge and after a deep conversation, I think he now understands how important this is to me for us to make it the 30 days.

We successfully managed to attend a party and avoid all of the delicious food and cupcakes on Sunday! It was difficult but not at the same time. The Whole30 is a great way to teach your body to stop craving certain food items. It has worked. I no longer am craving sugar  but that doesn’t mean a platter full of delicious cupcakes doesn’t look appetizing! Even harder then cupcakes, the free cheese samples at WholeFoods! I love cheese!! I went without cheese for years as a vegan and that was the one thing I missed and that slowly won me back to a more lacto-vegetarian lifestyle.

15 more days to go!!


2 Responses to “Half way there! Whole30 Update Week 2”

  1. msssjenna May 7, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    your salmon patties look good! you’re doing a great job.

    • Amanda May 7, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

      Thanks they are from the book It Starts with Food.

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