Week 3 Whole30 Recap

14 May

I cannot believe we have already finished 3 weeks of this challenge! It really is going by so quickly for me. It is taking an eternity for Steven, however. I appreciate him so much for sticking it out with me. It was not an easy request and he has been cheat free the entire time despite his work buying everyone pizza and his Bible study bringing donuts.


Day 15

I had eggs benedict, leftover grilled vegetables and salmon and spaghetti squash with marinara, salmon meat balls and zucchini.


Day 16

I had a frittata for breakfast. Lunch and dinner were both spaghetti.


Day 17

Life has been busy and I am so thankful for leftovers, even if they do get boring. Frittata and spaghetti were on the menu for breakfast and lunch again. For dinner I made tuna burgers with pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. On the side we had sweet potato salad with cilantro and jalapeno.


Day 18

Stir-fry scramble is the easiest way to pack in the protein and veggies for breakfast that I have found. It almost tastes like vegetable fried rice! Salmon cakes for lunch and leftover tuna burgers for dinner. I am finding that for me to eat a lot of fish, I need to prepare it in a burger  or patty form. Eating fish is new for me and it helps me to eat it without over thinking the fact that I am actually eating fish.


Day 19

I started this day with an egg wrap full of spinach, avocado and tomato served with mango. Mango is by far my most favorite fruit. It reminds me of a mission trip I took in college to Haiti. The air was so warm and you could smell the mangos in the wind. I could eat them all day everyday.

For lunch I made some bone broth vegetable soup with tuna burgers. And dinner was our take on a BLTA. I have tried to remain as strict as possible to the original Whole30 menu plan but as a vegetarian you are allowed to include fermented soy and kefir. I have abstained from using either but for this meal I did use organic tempeh. I avoid soy as much as possible in general but I did have it for one or two meals this week to break up the fish and eggs. I also made a batch of sweet potato chips fried in coconut oil. It felt like a little treat to indulge in a “chip”.


Day 20

I had another egg wrap for breakfast. For lunch we had company over and I actually forgot to take a picture of my lunch but it was the same as dinner. I had roasted a whole chicken for everyone. It was served with fruit salad and roasted vegetables. I had tuna burgers with my meals that day instead of the chicken and I actually ate more then is shown on the above plate.


Day 21

Mother’s day! Steven brought me breakfast in bed which was so delicious and wonderful! Left over fruit salad, fried eggs and roasted sweet potatoes with bell peppers.  For lunch I had a bowl of bone broth vegetable soup and mini Tempeh lettuce boats with tomatoes and avocado. Sunday was such a crazy day that we found ourselves still out and about at dinner time. We had two choices: go home and start dinner so we could eat around 8 or 9pm, or find a place to eat compliant. We chose to eat a big salad from the Whole Foods salad bar. I included 2 hard boiled eggs for my protein.

The final countdown has begun!!!


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