Homemade Mayo

15 May

I am not trying to have a cooking blog. Although lately it might come across that way with all of the Whole30 posts. This is really a family blog of sorts, but I do love cooking and do a lot of it so it is hard not to post about yummy kitchen creations. Like this delicious mayonnaise.

Look at how beautiful that is… that creamy swirl… mmmmmm.


I made that, you guys! This makes me so happy because I love mayonnaise so much. I grew up on Best Foods (or Hellmann’s for you midwest readers) because my family and I are mayonnaise snobs. Just in case you didn’t know this, Miracle Whip is NOT mayo. It is actually a miracle that people eat that junk.  While the taste of Best Foods is amazing, those darn ingredients make it junk too. So, since starting on my real food journey a few years ago this has been my one big struggle. I have tried various other “healthier” options out here but the truth is they still contain soy or canola. News flash, canola is not “heart healthy”. That leaves me with making it myself. I have tried SO many recipes and techniques. Many attempts have left me in tears and with a mild case of carpal tunnel.  I am always trying to recreate that same flavor and texture that I love so much and often, it is a miss. Until now!

I found this recipe from The Clothes Make The Girl! I made her recipe exactly and it was amazing but not quite fool proof because I still managed to ruin it once or twice.  I decided to combine a few other things from the many other techniques, I’ve tried and now it is PERFECT.


Squeeze a lemon. I don’t care if people say the bottle stuff is just as good. Squeeze your own lemon.


Put one whole pastured organic egg into your blender, along with 2 Tablespoons of the aforementioned lemon juice.

Let them come to room temperature. This is very important. I will usually take out the egg and set it on the counter in the morning so when I do this step in the afternoon it doesn’t take a long time.


Add in 1/2 teaspoon salt. We love our Redmond Real Salt.


The original recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon dried mustard. I don’t have dried mustard. I used this dijon mustard and just squirt a dollop into the blender.


I was curious as to why this recipe tells you to include 1/4 of light tasting olive oil immediately and I’ve learned it is to make sure your mixture is up to blade level in your blender.


Blend in your 1/4 cup of light tasting olive oil (not extra virgin because the taste is too strong) with your egg, lemon, salt and mustard for about 30 seconds. I should note that your blender should be on low. I snapped this picture while my blender was on the highest setting and almost messed this batch up. So don’t do that!  Your blender also cannot be a high powered blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix. Apparently they are such powerful machines that they run too hot and will break your emulsion.


Next, pour in your additional 1 cup of oil very slowly! I have tried pouring in my 1 cup of oil with a measuring cup and without fail my patience runs out and I end up pouring too quickly and breaking my emulsion and ruining my batch. There are ways of salvaging your broken batches but it is just such a let down and it makes me cry. Here is my “secret” weapon! This is just a cheap Wilton candy making squeeze bottle. I have tried making mayo in a food processor, with a stick blender, by hand, with my mixer and all while pouring in drip by drip out of a measuring cup.  I always had very inconsistent batches until this little bottle.


I remove the blender lid and my squeeze bottle fits perfectly on the opening. I could just allow it to drip slowly on its own, but I find that a soft, gentle pulse of the bottle every few seconds is helpful and doesn’t release too much oil.


You can see the emulsion starting already! Just keep dripping slowly. I find it does take a little longer using the bottle (about 10 minutes+/-) but it is better then your mayo breaking half way through and having to start all over!


There it is! Just scrape out with a spatula, fill up your jar and store for a week in the fridge. You can lacto-ferment your mayo to last longer but while on the Whole30 we are not allowed to have whey. And to be honest, we end up using it by the end of the week anyway. It only makes about a cup.


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