First Trimester: Round 2

12 Jul


(At the 4th of July Parade with Linden and  9 week little bump)

It has been awhile since I have posted. Sorry about that! I have been in the throes of this first trimester. I thought I would start back with something easy, like a pregnancy survey!

Is this your first pregnancy? Second

How far along?
 I am 10 weeks
What is your due date? February 8, 2014
When did you find out you were pregnant? June 8, 2013
Milestones: Our baby is now no longer in the embryonic period!  He/she is also developing their sex organs this week!
Was it planned? Yes. We wanted to get pregnant and stopped preventing mid May and were pregnant immediately.
What was your first reaction? “I knew it!” I felt pregnant right away. I was also super excited and kind of freaked!

Who was with you when you found out?
 I took it alone but showed Steven as soon as it was positive.

Who was the first person you told? 
Steven, then we called our families.

How did your parents react?
Everyone was super excited and happy but they were also kind of expecting it soon since we had already expressed our desire to try again soon.

What was your first symptom?
 Not sure if it was any one thing but I had a handful of early symptoms similar to with Linden that made me believe I was pregnant.

What are you doing differently this time around?
I started applying magnesium oil as soon as I found out I was pregnant. It is supposed to aid in morning sickness. I also started taking b6 with my prenatal and make sure to eat more eggs. So far I have managed to only have nausea this time. With Linden I was puking almost everyday for just under 4 months. We have also been trying to go swimming a few times a week. I really hope to continue that this round.

Have you picked out names?
 We had 4 names picked out before we ever started trying for Linden. We had 2 boy and 2 girl names and the order in which we would use the names. Recently some of the names have been used by people we know so we might reconsider but I am still pretty set on those names regardless.

Home or hospital birth?
 Private birth center with our midwife at Cascade Midwives. Hopefully in the same tub Linden was born in.

Natural or medicated birth?
 Natural just like Linden

Who will be in the delivery room with you?
 Steven and my mom were there for Linden. Steven will for sure be there and my mom will probably be watching Linden and I haven’t decided if I want Linden there or not. I guess it depends on the time!

Will you breastfeed?
 Yes. I am still nursing Linden (@ 20 1/2 months) but since getting pregnant have been trying to wean him. He had self weaned to only 2 nursings a day and we got him to lose the bed time nurse for now.

Do you think you’ll need a c-section?
 I am praying I will be complication free just like Linden.

Are you excited or scared about the birth?
I am excited but also praying it is not as tough as the first time… 38 hours of back labor! Read about that in Linden’s Birth Story post.

Maternity clothes? 
I cannot believe it but yes! I still wear normal clothes too but I have pulled out the maternity stuff because my belly is already popped and they are just more comfortable.

This pregnancy is so different from my first. Everything is happening so much faster. I am already experiencing sleep disturbances, crazy dreams and waking up at 3:15 to pee. First time around it took a long while for the insomnia and middle of the night peeing to start.

None yet except for the little bubbles feeling.

Food Cravings?
 I have had a few cravings but they kind of last a few days then move on to the next. So far I have craved tuna melts, lacto-fermented lemonade, passion fruit iced tea and this morning I have had the biggest hankering for diner style shredded hash browns.

 We don’t know yet but I have had a few dream about girls…. twin girls… eek.

Have you heard the heartbeat?
 Not yet! My first appointment was before I was 8 weeks. I am really anxious to go and make sure there is only 1 baby too!

Belly Button?
 Normal! It never popped with Linden but it got pretty flat.

What I miss? 

What I am looking forward to? 
See above^^^^^!!!

Best moment of the week? 
The best moment of the week was taking Linden to the zoo on Monday. I loved being able to spend that time with him and am really trying to cherish our time alone before baby comes.

Weekly Wisdom?  
Take as many naps as I can. I always push myself too hard and then end up crashing and burning.

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