Be Our Guest!

21 Jul

The topic of hospitality has been a reoccurring theme in conversations with Steven the last few months. We have such a strong desire to have a home that is welcoming and comfortable for anyone who comes over. It has been on our hearts even more since Lilah was born and we’ve had a lot more visitors staying with us. We don’t have a guest room. We have an attic space that we usually put guests in but honestly, it was the least inviting place on earth. Our attic is 2 sided: one side is our craft/office space, the other was a sort of man cave area. Steven had a tv with his retro game consoles and games, an air mattress and a bunch of odds and ends that didn’t have a place elsewhere in the house and eventually made their way up there.

{I took these pictures while we were already in the process of moving stuff out because like my usual self, I always forget to take a true before picture.}



We would always clean it up and make the bed nicely of course, but come on! Would you really feel comfortable in this place? The other issue is that our attic has very steep ceilings and there are no doors. There is a closet in the center that divides the 2 rooms and allows for some privacy but not enough. We had tacked up some spare fabric one time and it looks horrendous but we kept it up just so there was some semblance of a door.

DSC_0002 DSC_0005

I shudder at the sight of those bachelor ghetto tacked sheers!! But as you can see the angle doesn’t allow for a door and is extremely awkward. To top it off, it is all beige, beige, beige! My least favorite color of all time.

We decided to prioritize an attic guest room makeover in June because Steven’s brother and girlfriend were going to be visiting for 2 weeks. An air mattress and Nintendo stuff isn’t the homiest environment for 2 weeks, so Steven gave me the green light to shop around and undertake this endeavor.

We tried to stick to a really small budget for the room. I had an entire leftover sample can of Benjamin Moore – SanAntonio Gray paint from when I was trying out various gray shades in our  living room. I also had  a coupon for a another free Benjamin Moore sample can which I got in the same color. This was enough to paint the short 3 foot walls on the sides of the room and the entire window side as well. We also had plenty of leftover ceiling and trim paint from painting nearly every other room in our house, so besides the cost of tape, my painting budget for this room was free! Oh yeah, I also had a spare can of chalkboard paint that I used for the headboard wall.


I already had the bedding which also helped me to stay within budget. I did buy a few Paris themed items for the room because it was an easy theme to pull off for a guest room.


DSC_0020{I reused this cupboard from my craft area}

DSC_0012{I pulled a bunch of random french or travel books I owned from my other book shelves to tie it in with the theme.}

Finding furniture for this room is the really difficult part because we have a very narrow half staircase and nothing fits unless it is little or we build it in the room. I found this small dresser on craigslist that fit perfectly in the space and gives our guests some place to actually store their clothing.

DSC_0010 DSC_0017

DSC_0019{These bottles contain sand from a beach in Ireland that Steven brought home}
DSC_0018{Hydrangeas from our neighbor’s yard}

The bed itself was an online purchase and our most expensive part of the room. I found a steel frame base that was sturdy, comfortable and inexpensive. The mattress was also an online purchase. It is a relatively eco-friendly memory foam, full size mattress. It arrived in a roll which we could actually get up our stairway and we allowed it to rest and inflate in the room!

The doorway is still an issue. I tried to create a ribbon door, like a bead door but not as noisy. It required more ribbon than I had purchased and so it isn’t entirely finished. I hot glued strips to a piece of trim board that Steven cut to fit the doorway. He then attached it to the ceiling. Steven hates it and I am pretty indifferent. It works for now to give a little privacy but we probably won’t keep it in the long term.

verall, we are extremely happy with how everything turned out. Neither of us are great painters or decorators but on a next-to-nothing budget and a little bit of repurposing, the attic ‘beige man-cave’ is now a sweet little retreat for anyone who visits.


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