Whole Health August 1

8 Aug


If you read my last post, I am doing a Whole Health August personal challenge. Today is day 8 but I would like to give you a run down of how the first week went.

Whole Health August focuses on 3 areas of concentration.

1. Participating in the Whole30 program started by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the authors of “It Starts With Food”. I did a Whole30 last year which you can read about here.

2. Exercising with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

3. Spending at least 30 minutes a day in prayer and Bible reading.


day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with green bell peppers, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, swiss chard, and garlic. Served with a  side of blueberries and coconut milk coffee.

Lunch: Tuna salad with carrots, bell peppers, cucumber and a nectarine.

Dinner: Wild Alaskan salmon, roasted red potatoes, and roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

30 Day Shred:ü


Day one was easy. Fully motivated and excited!


Breakfast: The Power Bowl! The same veggie scramble as day 1 but I added in kale and left over roasted red potatoes.

Lunch: Tuna patties with homemade mayo. Kohlrabi and summer greens salad topped with walnuts. 

Dinner: Zoodles with lemon, olive oil, tuna, basil, cherry tomatoes, garlic and red pepper flakes.

30 Day Shred: ü

Devotions: ü

Day 2 was pretty good. I did have a head ache for about 24 hours. Thankfully is wasn’t a migraine, just a lingering mild ache. I remember having a head ache last round too. The hardest part was getting up early to workout on a Saturday!

day 3

Breakfast: zucchini fritters with eggs benedict florentine and rosemary roasted sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Tuna patties, almond tomato spread, dipping veggies and kohlrabi and summer greens salad.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with veggie packed marinara and salmon patties turned meat balls.

30 Day Shred:


Oy Sunday…. well I slept in and my body was like a jellyfish. I couldn’t get myself to work out and that is ok. Like I said in my intro post, I am not striving for perfection. I think my body needed a recovery day so I took it. Because I slept in on Sunday, we actually missed church and had a very busy day but I made time for devotions when we gave Linden some quiet time.

day 4

Breakfast: Mexican style veggie scramble (aka cilantro and avocado) and roasted sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Salmon patties, kohlrabi salad, grapes, almond tomato spread and carrots.

Dinner: Left over spagehtti squash, marinara and salmon meatballs.

30 Day Shred: ü

Devotions: ü

My workout was awesome! I think the recovery day was much needed.  The rest of the day was a bit trying, as Mondays often are. I had a frozen Coconut Cream Pie Lara bar as a mid-afternoon treat. I try to limit Lara bars, even though many are compliant, because they are little sugar bombs, but I am still trying to work on not turning to food when stressed out. The Whole30 Timeline calls day 4 the “Kill All The Things!” day, which is quite accurate. I also have begun the weird dreams. I remember last round this was a huge experience of mine. I had a dream that Steven divorced me!

day 5

Breakfast: Another veggie scramble. Since we are swimming in zucchini I tend to put it in everything. This was spinach, zucchini, peppers, tomato and garlic with eggs.

Lunch: As a vegetarian the Whole30 is a bit tougher. They do have a vegetarian protocol but I purposely increase my fish and egg intake to avoid doing the vegetarian protocol. I only started eating fish for my whole30 last year and eat it occasionally. It can be hard to eat fish daily!! So, I do allow myself the occasional vegetarian protein source to give me a bit of variety and I really needed something different. I had organic tempeh in a BLTA style lettuce wrap with almond tomato spread and dipping veggies.

Dinner: Coconut fish tacos with pico and avocado crema on cilantro lime cauliflower tortillas.

30 Day Shred: ü

Devotions: ü

Oh boy these dreams are getting crazy! I woke up on tuesday crying because, for the second day in a row, I dreamed that Steven was divorcing me. In this dream he left me for some thin, attractive woman in yoga pants and a sports bra hahah. It was during my devotions that morning that really helped me process these dreams. Both my Bible reading plan I am following and my devotional were focused in Romans chapter 8. Romans 8 is a very packed chapter dealing with freedom from indwelling sin and  our position in the Spirit of God. It talks a lot about our fleshly nature and our spiritual nature. I felt as though God was revealing to me the battle I am in between my “old /present self” and the person I am trying to become. I am in a process of transformation, of breaking old bad habits and growing into a healthier, more active and fit person. I think the dream was basically true. I am divorcing this person I have become. Theologically I am sure it’s ridiculous to compare the two, but it made sense to me!

Also, Steven isn’t divorcing me, just in case you were curious.

day 6

Breakfast: Yep, it’s the same picture as yesterday. Why retake a picture of the same food?

Lunch: Egg salad in cabbage cups and almond tomato spread with dipping veggies.

Dinner: Leftover fish tacos.

30 Day Shred:


Goodness gracious! Lilah decided to stay up basically the entire night. It was rough! I did not get up early to work out and we had an early Dr. appointment for Lilah that morning too so I inhaled my breakfast bowl and  we were out and about most of the morning. I was zombie mama on Wednesday. No excuses but thankful there is grace!

day 7

Breakfast: Bell Pepper baked eggs. 

Lunch: Egg salad and cabbage cups, although I added some kohlrabi salad as well.

Dinner: Lemony green beans, salmon cakes and veggies and spread.

30 Day Shred:ü


I think the recovery was a good thing for me again because my workout was great! The food boredom is starting to kick in. I made a bunch of stuff to help me not have to cook a ton, but forcing myself to eat it before it goes bad is tough. I am so over kohlrabi salad right now haha. I also had a lovely visit from my cycle while at the park which I haven’t had since last year before getting pregnant. With Linden my cycle returned right before he turned 1. I thought I had 6 more months! So, you can imagine how I am feeling today. I wasn’t prepared for this surprise but hoping it doesn’t make week 2 a nightmare. Although, I think that’s the reasons for my chocolate and salty snack cravings.


2 Responses to “Whole Health August 1”

  1. karenrfoxleyatfoxleymanor August 9, 2014 at 3:46 am #

    Great job, Amanda! Keep it up! The food looks great, you’re very creative! Sorry to hear about your nightmares! I pray every night for the kids and I to have good dreams, which has really helped me.

    • Amanda August 9, 2014 at 4:37 am #

      we do that too! It is actually a very common whole30 “side effect” haha because you are doing such a drastic elimination diet your mind does crazy stuff

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