Lilah is 6 Months Old!

18 Aug

6 months

Last Thursday our little girl turned 6 months old. She is already on her way to 1, what the heck!? She looks a little bit small in this picture, which I love! She had a little grin and scrunched her dress as she stared at her daddy. Melt. My. Heart!

Today she had her well check and weighed in at 17lbs 7oz {73%}. She was 25.75 {41%} inches tall.

Everyday she is closer to crawling. She is really trying hard and if she could coordinate her arms with her legs, she would be.

She has had a tougher time sleeping. I think she is teething and it makes her pretty irritable, despite whatever remedies we try.

Lilah started sitting up a few weeks ago and her tongue thrust reflex has diminished so we let her try some avocado the other day as well as some banana yesterday. Food is like heaven for this girl! We officially resized the high chair and Linden is now sitting at the table on a regular chair. It makes meal times so much more enjoyable that all 4 of us are there together!

I tried a few times to put her in the crib in the nursery at night but she only slept in there successfully one night. I have been more consistent lately with getting her to nap in the crib, so hopefully when we try bedtime again, it’ll go smoother.


Our Growing Girl!



Such a difference between her 1 month and now! Although, she does appear larger in her 5 month picture.


2 Responses to “Lilah is 6 Months Old!”

  1. Christine David August 18, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

    Goodness Gracious! How time flies!

    • Amanda August 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

      I know it!! I am already thinking of 1st birthday ideas haha

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