Whole Health August – Reintroduction & Results

8 Sep

The Whole30 Reintroduction phase is meant to be about 12 days. In no particular order you should introduce one of the categories of foods not allowed on the Whole30. The reintro typically goes something like:

Day 1- dairy

Days 2&3 – strict Whole30

Day 4 – non gluten grains

Days 5&6 – strict Whole30

Day 7 – legumes

Days 8&9 – strict Whole30

Day 10 – gluten grains

Days 11&12 – strict Whole30.  

I knew I wasn’t going to adhere to this schedule because of some of our plans. Steven’s birthday is today and we had a weekend date planned as well. I was going to shorten my reintro by doing an every other day schedule. 


Breakfast: Eggs with a side of strawberries and plain whole milk yogurt

Lunch: Beach day picnic lunch veggies, hard boiled eggs and cheese slices. I did indulge in a few dark chocolate almonds, which does have sugar.

Dinner: Coconut flour pizza and salad.


Breakfast: Veggie scramble.

Lunch: Garbage soup and fried eggs.

Dinner: Salmon, green beans, tomatoes and red potatoes.


Breakfast: Gluten free toast with fried eggs and a spinach strawberry salad.

Lunch: Brown rice pasta with broccoli and sun dried tomatoes with a side of juicy nectarine.

Dinner: Mashed potatoes and gravy, organic corn on the cob and a tuna burger with homemade bbq sauce.


SO day 4 was supposed to be strict Whole30. I woke up sick as did Steven. I just couldn’t resist having some gluten free toast that morning but other than that I stayed true. 

Breakfast: Gluten free toast and veggie scramble.

Lunch: Garbage soup and left over tuna bbq burger.

Dinner: Leftovers! Except I ate broccoli instead of more corn. 


 So this was my gluten day! But my meal pan went out the window because I was SOOO SICK. This cold knocked me out. 

Breakfast: Eggs, left over broccoli and TOAST! This was compliant except I did add butter to my toast.

Lunch: Than it went down hill. A sprouted tortilla with basil, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with a side of fruit. You aren’t supposed to mix food categories but I did. Dairy and gluten.  

Dinner: And than the cold killed me and I succumbed to $5 pizza hahahha THE WORST!!!


Day 6 was an eat whatever required the least effort and recover day. 2 sick parents and 2 kids equals, anything goes!

Day 7 we felt much better. We were able to resume normal activities and went on our afternoon date which included wine, a gluten free goat cheese platter and Theo Chocolate tour, complete with samples! 

On to the results:

My last Whole30 I lost about 12-15lbs. This round I lost 15-16 lbs. I also had my act together last time with wearing the same outfit, oh well. I notice things are fitting better, my sweater is way to big now. Last round I noticed better sleep, allergy relief and clearer skin. This time I have a baby so sleep was obsolete. My skin has stayed the same, which is fine because it isn’t bad anyway. My allergies weren’t noticeably better his round. I even stopped diffusing my essential oils to see. Looks like I will still be diffusing for the time being!  

photo image image_1

Overall, I am super proud of what I did accomplish. I didn’t stick to everything I had hoped to, but this is a journey. I got what I had set out to achieve, a great jump start! I have a long way to go to be where I’d like to be health wise, not just with my weight. I think there will continue to be a lot of changes in my lifestyle moving forward. On a side note, since including some dairy and grains back into my diet Lilah has slept much better. I do think now it must have decreased my milk supply even though I was eating more than enough calories. She seems much more satiated and I have been able to catch up on more sleep, thank you Jesus! 



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