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Lilah Rae Turns One!

14 Feb


Our little Lilah Rae turned one year old today! I CANNOT believe it has already been a year since this spunky chunk made her way into the world. She is such a light to our family. I am in constant laughter because of her feisty behavior and pterodactyl like growls. She is tenacious, in good and bad ways. We can’t keep a book on a shelf or a shoe within her reach, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Little Lilah facts: -she still only has her two bottom front teeth -she is still a champion nurser -she wears 18 month clothes -since being in the nursery with Linden she has been a better sleeper and recently started sleeping through the night again! -Lilah has finally come around to liking almost all food. Her disdain for mango has been transferred to avocado. -She has the tiniest feet. I think she is technically still a size 2 but it’s difficult to know because wearing shoes is war torture. -her favorite pastime would probably be walking around the house naked and in circles whilst holding an article of her clothing in each hand, waving them around like victory flags. In celebration of our sweetie turning one, we threw a vintage Snow White themed birthday brunch. Let the photo dump ensue!

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Lilah is 11 Months Old!

22 Jan

photo-85 photo-86

Our precious Lilah turned eleven months old last week! I can’t believe there is only 3 weeks until her first birthday. She officially became a walker at 10 1/2 months. She still only has the two bottom teeth. This girl is the sweetest thing on the planet but also a bit of a drama queen! She plays hard and thanks to her big brother, she is a tough cookie. Her favorite things these days are: playing tug-o-war with Edgar, walking everywhere with a toy in each hand, eating cheese, growling and blowing raspberries. She is a miniature MacGyver and can get out of anything baby proofed. Life is pretty crazy at the Colo house lately and thanks to Lilah, I am always busy.

Lilah is 10 Months Old!

15 Dec

photo-84Our sweet happy girl is 2 months away from her 1st birthday. I cannot wrap my mind around this! I still view her as my new baby but she is almost a toddler. Lilah is pretty close to walking too. I think anytime in the next few weeks we might see her take her first real steps. Linden walked at 10 months and judging by him, she is pretty close! She walks along furniture, transfers, stands by herself without pulling up on anything in the middle of a room, she is very controlled in sitting and has great balance.

Lilah is the funniest little girl. She dances, laughs, growls, and “talks” non-stop. Linden was never as vocal as a baby, so it is hilarious to hear the noises she makes. The growling is my favorite, she is like a little bear.  She can be extremely loud too. We were out to dinner a few nights ago and she was screeching, growling, and babbling at the top of her lungs. The whole restaurant kept staring at us and laughing, but at least she wasn’t crying!

Lilah is also obsessed with her Edgar. She climbs, lays, rolls over the top of him and uses him as a prop constantly. Her most joyful belly laughs come from playing with Edgar.

The biggest change this month has been finally putting Lilah in her crib in the nursery. We were holding off because we didn’t want her constant waking to wake up Linden, since they are sharing a room. The change has proven to be AWESOME. Linden actually sleeps through her wake ups 95% of the time. She also wakes less and soothes herself much faster. When she was sleeping next to me in her crib she wouldn’t do that. I think the proximity to me and being able to see me made her mad and also made her want to nurse much more often.  The sweetest part of this change is when Linden and Lilah wake up in the morning. I love watching them on our monitor and hearing them talk and play. Linden adores waking up next to her.

*Lilah is wearing my newest creation found at my shop

Lilah is 9 Months Old!

18 Nov

9 months

TEETH! Finally she has teeth, praise the Lord! Lilah has been teething for months and it has made her sleep non-existent. This past week she has popped out her 2 bottom front teeth and rewarded us with two full nights of sleep this weekend. I feel like a whole new mama and she seems a lot happier as well. I am hoping this reprieve lasts a while before her next bout of teething. This round cost me 4 months of late nights.

♫ All I want for Christmas, is SLEEEEEEEP!! ♫

We saw her Dr. this morning and got her stats:

Height: 27″ {24%}

Weight: 20 lbs 1 oz {79%}

We have been dealing with some new challenges with Lilah that we never had with Linden. She has some eczema we are trying to figure out. It might be linked to her egg allergy. It is aggravated currently with this freezing cold and dry weather we have been experiencing. Lilah is also way pickier with food than Linden ever was. This girl will put away the frozen whole peas but try to give her a chunk of mango and it is like I am feeding her poison. I am still trying to figure out foods she will eat and enjoy. Recently she has been into frozen peas, broccoli, cheese and roasted purple potatoes. She is like her brother in that purees are out! Neither of them enjoyed being spoon fed and from the get go, they both wanted to feed themselves small diced up foods. I don’t mind this. I can usually eat my dinner while she makes a mess practicing grabbing food. It only presents a challenge when trying to give yogurt or apple sauce type foods, but she hates those anyway!

In so many ways this girl is a clone of her brother! Active, adventurous, stubborn and adorable. She already knows how to shake her head no when I say, “no,no,no!” and even says, “nnn, nnn, nnn.” Also like Linden, Lilah does great with other people. We were even blessed to have my parents watch the kids a few weeks ago for an overnight trip and she was wonderful. That is definitely a great perk of an independent personality!

It seems impossible but there is only 3 more months until my baby is 1!

Here are some outtakes of our 9 month shoot haha







Lilah is 8 Months Old!

19 Oct


On Tuesday Lilah turned 8 months old. Between all of us being sick last week and Lilah having an allergic reaction, I am a bit behind on posting this.

Speaking of her allergic reaction, Lilah had a very bad response to eating egg yolk. About a month ago she had a little vomiting fit an hour after eating bits of yolk but we were not sure if that was the reason because she had previously had it with no reaction. It had been a month since having yolk when I gave her some more on Tuesday morning. She ended up vomiting for over 4 hours and had diarrhea as well. It was a stressful day but Steven came home to help me and she ended up feeling better by the evening. The egg yolk was the link. Going forward we will have to be extra careful to see if that allergy remains.

On to the fun stuff! Lilah has continued with her never stopping, always moving energy. She climbs, cruises, and even stands without support for about 5 seconds. Her teeth are STILL NOT HERE! I see little white buds underneath but those darn suckers are hanging on for dear life. Linden already had some teeth by this age, so we are eagerly awaiting the day her teeth come in.

Her sleep is still touch and go and I KNOW it is because of those teeth. It’s my fault too, I know. Apparently I have like the worlds strongest teeth which is why I had braces for 6 years!

Lilah is officially in 12 months and up clothing. Those black pants she is wearing in the above photo are size 18 months. They are leggings though, so it’s not the norm.

I am adoring this stage with her though. She is the happiest baby and for the moments when she is grumpy, if I sing “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” She instantly stops whining and smiles and claps. The clapping of hands and waving are her newest tricks. She also just starting giving slobbery open mouth kisses which is the sweetest thing.

Lilah is 7 Months Old!

18 Sep



{Cupcake in Pomegranate}

On Sunday our little girl turned 7 months old. She is growing so fast that I can barely keep up with her. In the past month, she officially started crawling, pulling up on furniture, CRUISING along the couch, and I can even see teeny tiny white dots on her gums where her teeth are starting to come in. Her sleep has improved since my Whole30 but with the teething it is still rough, but manageable.

We introduced some foods when she turned 6 months but I have really slacked on feeding her solids lately. I need to get back on that soon. I have only been casually sharing little foods with her that I am eating at the time, like egg yolk or avocado. A 2nd child thing probably, I was way more diligent with starting Linden’s foods.

In this photo Lilah is sporting a handmade onesie. This is a sneak peek at a project I have been working on slowly for a few months now. In April/May I started drawing and hand carving rubber stamps that I have since stamped with non-toxic inks onto organic onesies and toddler shirts. I have a few designs already made and am working on a few more stamps currently. I need to get busy because my little model girl is starting to grow out of the onesies already. I will have a separate post later introducing this line of products I am working on.

Lilah is 6 Months Old!

18 Aug

6 months

Last Thursday our little girl turned 6 months old. She is already on her way to 1, what the heck!? She looks a little bit small in this picture, which I love! She had a little grin and scrunched her dress as she stared at her daddy. Melt. My. Heart!

Today she had her well check and weighed in at 17lbs 7oz {73%}. She was 25.75 {41%} inches tall.

Everyday she is closer to crawling. She is really trying hard and if she could coordinate her arms with her legs, she would be.

She has had a tougher time sleeping. I think she is teething and it makes her pretty irritable, despite whatever remedies we try.

Lilah started sitting up a few weeks ago and her tongue thrust reflex has diminished so we let her try some avocado the other day as well as some banana yesterday. Food is like heaven for this girl! We officially resized the high chair and Linden is now sitting at the table on a regular chair. It makes meal times so much more enjoyable that all 4 of us are there together!

I tried a few times to put her in the crib in the nursery at night but she only slept in there successfully one night. I have been more consistent lately with getting her to nap in the crib, so hopefully when we try bedtime again, it’ll go smoother.


Our Growing Girl!



Such a difference between her 1 month and now! Although, she does appear larger in her 5 month picture.

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