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How I Make The Best Hard Boiled Eggs

8 Dec


I love  hard boiled eggs for quick protein. Up until a few years ago however, I never ate eggs. So when I first started, I had some pretty shaggy looking hard boiled eggs.

I have tried many methods from various other tutorials and kept what worked. My method is a compilation of several of those tips that have consistently worked for me!  I know many like the oven method or the steaming basket way of hard boiling eggs but to me the texture is never the same or as good as old fashioned hard boiled eggs.

First, I gather my ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, healthy pastured eggs.DSC_0130


Fill a pan with cold water and your eggs. Drop in a teaspoon of baking soda and stir it around till it dissolves.


Then add a splash of vinegar. It shouldn’t fizz because you dissolved the baking soda first.

{I was posing the vinegar bottle while the baking soda dissolved fyi because I know you can still see it in this picture :-)}DSC_0142


Bring your water to a boil and while covered, turn off the heat and let sit for 10 minutes.


While waiting, give attention to your screaming toddler climbing up your legs.



When you get a minute, get some ice.



After the 10 minutes are up, drain your water and fill with ice and cold water. This shocks the eggs and stops the cooking. DSC_0158



Now this is the most important tip I can offer. Look at your eggs and find the narrow pointed top part. DSC_0172


Tap the top part of your egg first. DSC_0174



Then flip it and tap the wide bottom part of the egg. DSC_0176



I have found this is the best way to get easy to peel eggs because the act of tapping the eggs forces the air from the air pocket all around the egg and knocks the shell away from the egg white.



I also like to have some cold water running to help rinse away the little bits. DSC_0178



This egg basically peeled in two pieces. Don’t you love that!?




Pretty, smooth, perfect hardboiled eggs! Not a shaggy one in the batch. DSC_0184


Rich and golden without any green ring! DSC_0186






As a bonus I will share with you my easy egg salad “recipe”.

First, chop up your 8-12 eggs in a medium size bowl. I LOVE using a pastry blender for chopping up my eggs for egg salad. It is quick and efficient! DSC_0190

Assemble your desired spices. I use about 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon pepper and paprika and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. I usually eye ball this part and season to taste but those amounts are pretty close. DSC_0192

Add about 2 big dollops of your favorite mayonnaise which is probably about 1/4 cup. Start with less if you prefer less mayo in general. I am a mayo lover so I like it really creamy. With that, add your favorite mustard. I prefer a slightly spicy brown mustard. I use a big squirt which is approximately 1 tablespoon. DSC_0194

Mix all together and enjoy!  DSC_0196

This is an easy lunch idea for my kids because they adore snack style lunches. They love crackers and egg salad or tuna salad with fruit. I love it too because it is super easy and a big batch keeps for about 5 days in the fridge.


Whole30 Recap: The Final Days

23 May

Day 22


With the start of our final week I had a sweet potato southwest style breakfast bowl. I remember lunch being super crazy this day because I was watching 2 kiddos along with Linden. I had about 10 minutes to throw something together and so I ate some tuna patties, frozen veggie mix with sesame seeds and an apple with almond butter. As a special treat to start off our last week, I made a SWYPO. A SWYPO is a no-no on the Whole30. It is basically something that mimics a non-Whole30 food like a healthy paleo muffin or pizza. I avoided making anything considered a SWYPO for the whole challenge but as a special treat I figured it would be ok once. So I made cauliflower pizza and salad with hard boiled eggs as my protein.

Day 23


I still had a little bit of tempeh leftover from the BLTA’s  from last week so I tossed them into a breakfast egg wrap. For lunch I finished off the SWYPO pizza. We had an asian style dinner with cauliflower fried rice, “teriyaki” marinaded salmon and broccoli ginger broccoli.

Day 24


My new favorite breakfast is the kale, tomato scramble. For lunch I had spaghetti squash with tuna and pesto. Dinner was leftovers of our asian dinner.

Day 25


Can you tell how much I love kale scramble!? Leftover pesto lunch and mashed cauliflower, roasted asparagus, homemade applesauce and salmon cakes for dinner. Steven had pork chops on this day.

Day 26


Another delicious southwest breakfast bowl.  I am getting a little tired of sweet potatoes though. Left over salmon cakes and vegetable bone broth soup for lunch and a smorgasbord dinner of veggies, almond spread, salmon cakes, apple sauce and sautéed zucchini.

Day 27


Yummy Saturday breakfast of roasted sweet potatoes, almond spread and cucumber and burnt fried eggs! We were running out of food and went shopping later that afternoon which is why there is cucumber at breakfast. Also, I always manage to cook beautiful eggs for Steven and ultimately ruin mine every time because I am trying to do a million thing at once haha. Leftovers lunch: soup, salmon cakes, fruit and bell peppers. For dinner I tried a recipe for deconstructed fish tacos that turned out terrible. It looks nice in this picture but does not taste that great. I served it with watermelon and pineapple, almond coleslaw.

Day 28


Sunday started out well. We had kale scramble for breakfast and then our day went horribly down hill when Linden had a seizure. Read about that here. We were at the hospital for 8 hours that day. We had been there for 3 hours when we realized it was 5pm and we had yet to eat lunch. Steven went to the hospital cafeteria and tried to find the most Whole30 compliant food he could. He did pretty well. My meal was a salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing with hardboiled eggs. He got a chicken salad but didn’t realize it had a soy ginger dressing. Soy is not allowed but C’est la vie! We thought we were doing well enough! We also were told we should be leaving soon after that. So we declined friendly offers for dinner because it seemed we would be home in enough time to actually cook up some dinner.  Little did we know that they lost Linden’s urine sample and we wouldn’t be discharged till after 10 pm. By the time we got to our car and went to the drug store to buy Motrin it was so late! We were absolutely exhausted and starving. Nothing was open, anything I could cook at home would take too long and too much energy and that is when our Whole30 died! We had horrible disgusting Taco Bell at nearly 11 at night. So close to the end of our Whole30 and it was ruined, cannon ball style! Bean and cheese burrito and nachos supreme no beef.

Day 29


We had already meal planned for the week which included 2 more full Whole30 days and the start of the reintroduction phase. The reintroduction phase allows for dairy to be introduced on Day 1, gluten containing grains on Day 4, non-gluten containing grains on Day 7 and finally, legumes on Day 10.

Since we basically ruined that by consuming Taco Bell and defeated the purpose of a slow reintroduction phase, we decided to end our strict Whole30. As I said above, we had already meal planned and grocery shopped for the strict Whole30 and Dairy introduction so by default most of our remaining meals complied but for breakfast this day we celebrated by taking a walk to Starbucks for Americanos with cream and bagels with cream cheese.

Lunch was leftover nasty fish tacos, but I still had to cook them. I find fish is better freshly cooked instead of cooked and reheated. If I had already cooked it though, it would have saved us a Taco Bell stop haha.

Dinner was veggies, apple sauce and pork chops again because Steven said that was his favorite meal so far. I just had tuna cakes instead.

Day 30


Our last day we had kale scramble for breakfast. I even had it for breakfast the past few days post Whole30 because it is so delicious. For lunch I had an apple with almond butter, soup and a cup of whole milk yogurt. Not very Whole30 compliant but close. I think I may have even eaten a slice of cheese as a snack that day too. We had leftovers for dinner.

We are finished. Not as strong as we had hoped to end this but life intervenes indeed!

I will write up my overall synopsis and results in another post. Stay tuned!

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