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Two Thirds In?

22 Jun

Saturday was 2/3rds of the way into this 3rd round of Whole30. My previous 2 rounds I was much more diligent in doing weekly updates. This round, however, I haven’t felt the need to update so often. Let me explain: previously my intention in doing weekly updates was for accountability. It was much harder to stick with the plan and having the motivation of an update to record my progress gave me that extra push to keep going. This 3rd round is so much different. I have lost track of the days. I have surrendered to the process. I am honestly not counting down the days to the “end”. I feel amazing! I think the countdown mentality of previous Whole30 rounds was a great set up for my overall failure post Whole30. Instead of it being a push for daily clean eating, it was a race to win and finish. Something has switched this time around. I am not counting the days till I can have toast or cheese. Not that I don’t miss them! I just feel this round becoming more about lifestyle instead of a challenge with an expiration date.

I believe part of the reason for the change is that I now have more variety in my food options. A few months ago I started including organic and pastured chicken into my diet. It was a very hard choice to make. I became a vegetarian at the age of 9. I was also vegan for 6 combined years (3 years in high school and 3 years post college) I am 31 so if you do the math, that’s 22 years without eating meat. I started adding fish into my diet 2 years ago and eggs a few years prior to that. It has been a slow process of adding humanely treated, good quality animal protein into my diet. I do make sure I consume wild caught fish, pasture raised organic eggs and now the same for chicken. After being a vegetarian for the majority of my life, it is so crucial to me that I make these responsible choices in sourcing animal protein. Not only for my health but also for the health of the animal. It has taken me a while to get used to the texture and flavor, but I think I am slowly getting more comfortable with it.

Some of you may be asking, why? Why include animal protein? For years I thought I was doing things right and getting enough protein. I also consumed a lot of soy. As a young person I didn’t yet know about the dangers of GMOs and the estrogenic properties of soy. I have suffered with my own hormonal and gut issues in response to that. I eliminated soy from my diet about 6 years ago (except for the occasional organic tempeh or tofu less than a handful of times a year). I saw immediate positive results in my mood, hormones and skin around that time. That was also around the time my eyes were opened to the world of GMO’s and our corrupt food system. I eliminated soy and was left with a hole in my protein source. That is when I added eggs back into my diet. I thought that eliminating soy and adding in good quality eggs would be enough to help heal the damage to my body but it was not. As a vegetarian my diet has been very grain based. Grains, legumes, dairy and sugar are all major no-no’s when healing a leaky gut. But without adding in additional animal protein there would not be a sustainable way to consume less grains and heal. I think this will be a longer process and I may eventually need to follow some auto-immune protocols and eliminate eggs and night shades to determine trouble spots for my body. But for now I am focusing on just adding in more protein.

If you are still reading, thank you! hahaha All of that ties back into what I said in the beginning. The addition of chicken has given me so much more variety with eating grain/dairy free that this round of Whole30 feels much easier and sustainable for long term.

{Check out some of the yummy foods I have been eating on my Instagram.}

Making Asian style halibut in parchment pockets. #hellosaturday #whole30

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The only thing that isn’t sustainable, is the amount of dishes created while doing a Whole30!!!!!



Lilah is 7 Months Old!

18 Sep



{Cupcake in Pomegranate}

On Sunday our little girl turned 7 months old. She is growing so fast that I can barely keep up with her. In the past month, she officially started crawling, pulling up on furniture, CRUISING along the couch, and I can even see teeny tiny white dots on her gums where her teeth are starting to come in. Her sleep has improved since my Whole30 but with the teething it is still rough, but manageable.

We introduced some foods when she turned 6 months but I have really slacked on feeding her solids lately. I need to get back on that soon. I have only been casually sharing little foods with her that I am eating at the time, like egg yolk or avocado. A 2nd child thing probably, I was way more diligent with starting Linden’s foods.

In this photo Lilah is sporting a handmade onesie. This is a sneak peek at a project I have been working on slowly for a few months now. In April/May I started drawing and hand carving rubber stamps that I have since stamped with non-toxic inks onto organic onesies and toddler shirts. I have a few designs already made and am working on a few more stamps currently. I need to get busy because my little model girl is starting to grow out of the onesies already. I will have a separate post later introducing this line of products I am working on.

Whole Health August 4+

5 Sep



This update is late, I know. I wanted to include the last few days of the 30 day challenge in this post so as to avoid a weird 2 day update for days 29 and 30. I will preface this update with a confession; I quit the 30 day shred. ūüė¶ If you have been following, you know I had very spotty workouts because of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. It only got worse. Lilah was waking 6+ times a night. She would be up for hours straight. This effected my morning devotional time as well. And although I didn’t “quit” those, I missed many days and lost track. So for the remainder of this I will not include those in my update either. I ¬†know my attitude should be to push through and do it anyway but it is just not me. I NEED my sleep and losing hours upon hours of it made it difficult to function and I am very proud of myself for sticking to a strict Whole30 diet while so tired. Something had to give and it was the workouts. Oh yeah, we also decided to potty train Linden during this time as well. What were we thinking!?!?! There was just way too much on my plate but at least it was Whole30 approved. ūüôā¬†


Breakfast: Asian stir-fry scramble for breakfast.

Lunch: A zoo trip meant hardboiled eggs, carrots, banana and lara bar for an on the go lunch.

Dinner: beer battered fish and sweet potato fries with homemade ketchup and watermelon. 

IMG_8882Breakfast: Simple scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

Lunch: Tuna melts on zucchini rounds.

Dinner: haha This day was nuts! I canned 16 qts of pickles that day so, out of starvation, I tossed whatever I could in a bowl and inhaled. I nuked a purple potato and topped it with leftover cauli alfredo sauce and had a spinach salad with hard boiled eggs and mayo as a dressing. Everyone else ate pizza!! 



Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, home fried potatoes and blueberries.

Lunch: Fried eggs with spaghetti squash and marinara.

Dinner: Plantain fish tacos!! The best meal I have eaten on this Whole30! I grilled up some Mahi Mahi and tossed it with a slaw made up of tomatoes, cabbage, mango, onion, cilantro, avocado, jalape√Īo, and lime juice.¬†

IMG_8927Breakfast: Savory egg tortilla with blueberries and a side of squash and greens. It tasted like a blueberry pancake! 

Lunch: Side salad with coconut milk ranch and an artichoke sun-dried tomato egg bake. I adapted this recipe to be Whole30 and added 6 eggs to bump up the protein. 

Dinner: Leftover plantain tacos. 

IMG_8929Breakfast: Egg tortilla topped with marinara and “pizza toppings”. This was delicious!! It really quenched my pizza craving.¬†

Lunch: Leftover italian egg bake and salad. This casserole made lunch for DAYS!! 

Dinner: Tuna burger with roasted purple potatoes and broccoli romanesco. 

IMG_8937Breakfast: Leftover veggies from last nights dinner and some burned fried eggs because life is super glamorous haha.

Lunch: Repeat!

Dinner: Fried eggs with spaghetti squash and marinara. 

IMG_8961Breakfast: Egg pizza again!

Lunch: I will say it is much easier to do a Whole30 when you batch cook. Leftovers!

Dinner: Broccoli, zucchini and balsamic glazed salmon. 

IMG_9122Breakfast: Roasted purple potatoes and a sun-dried tomato and greens scramble.

Lunch: Leftovers.

Dinner: Tuna salad in purple cabbage cups with garbage soup.

IMG_9124Breakfast: Repeat!

Lunch: Eggs and garbage soup

Dinner: Potatoes and eggs benedict florentine on a bed of spinach. 


That is all folks!!! A complete Whole30! I am super proud of myself for sticking with it. There were some hard days in these final weeks. I almost through in the towel a couple times just because I was super tired and the idea of cooking somedays required me to summon all of the strength I could muster. I am trying to not feel horrible about quitting the workouts. I am a perfectionist and really hate when I don’t live up to the standards I set for myself. This is something God is really working on with me. I often don’t try because I know certain things will not be how I envision and so why do it? I am learning to embrace my “failures” and not be so short sighted. I worked out 11 out of 30 days. Granted I had days that were workout level active but I only had 11/30 shred days. ¬† But that is 11 more than I had last month so I can move forward and hope to get that number up in the future.¬†

Lilah has been sleeping a little bit better ( by little I mean from 6 to 3 or 4 wakings.) I am starting to wonder if my Whole30 diet effected my milk supply. She started this waking before August but it definitely got worse during the month of August. We shall see if it continues to get better as I reintroduce other foods.

I am currently in the Reintroduction phase of the Whole30. I will do a final update next week to round it all out. 


Whole Health August 1

8 Aug


If you read my last post, I am doing a Whole Health August personal challenge. Today is day 8 but I would like to give you a run down of how the first week went.

Whole Health August focuses on 3 areas of concentration.

1. Participating in the Whole30 program started by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the authors of “It Starts With Food”. I did a Whole30 last year which you can read about here.

2. Exercising with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

3. Spending at least 30 minutes a day in prayer and Bible reading.


day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with green bell peppers, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, swiss chard, and garlic. Served with a  side of blueberries and coconut milk coffee.

Lunch: Tuna salad with carrots, bell peppers, cucumber and a nectarine.

Dinner: Wild Alaskan salmon, roasted red potatoes, and roasted asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

30 Day Shred:√ľ


Day one was easy. Fully motivated and excited!


Breakfast: The Power Bowl! The same veggie scramble as day 1 but I added in kale and left over roasted red potatoes.

Lunch: Tuna patties with homemade mayo. Kohlrabi and summer greens salad topped with walnuts. 

Dinner: Zoodles with lemon, olive oil, tuna, basil, cherry tomatoes, garlic and red pepper flakes.

30 Day Shred: √ľ

Devotions: √ľ

Day 2 was pretty good. I did have a head ache for about 24 hours. Thankfully is wasn’t a migraine, just a lingering mild ache. I remember having a head ache last round too. The hardest part was getting up early to workout on a Saturday!

day 3

Breakfast: zucchini fritters with eggs benedict florentine and rosemary roasted sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Tuna patties, almond tomato spread, dipping veggies and kohlrabi and summer greens salad.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with veggie packed marinara and salmon patties turned meat balls.

30 Day Shred:


Oy Sunday…. well I slept in and my body was like a jellyfish. I couldn’t get myself to work out and that is ok. Like I said in my intro post, I am not striving for perfection. I think my body needed a recovery day so I took it. Because I slept in on Sunday, we actually missed church and had a very busy day but I made time for devotions when we gave Linden some quiet time.

day 4

Breakfast: Mexican style veggie scramble (aka cilantro and avocado) and roasted sweet potatoes.

Lunch: Salmon patties, kohlrabi salad, grapes, almond tomato spread and carrots.

Dinner: Left over spagehtti squash, marinara and salmon meatballs.

30 Day Shred: √ľ

Devotions: √ľ

My workout was awesome! I think the recovery day was much needed. ¬†The rest of the day was a bit trying, as Mondays often are. I had a frozen Coconut Cream Pie Lara bar as a mid-afternoon treat. I try to limit Lara bars, even though many are compliant, because they are little sugar bombs, but I am still trying to work on not turning to food when stressed out. The Whole30 Timeline calls day 4 the “Kill All The Things!” day, which is quite accurate. I also have begun the weird dreams. I remember last round this was a huge experience of mine. I had a dream that Steven divorced me!

day 5

Breakfast: Another veggie scramble. Since we are swimming in zucchini I tend to put it in everything. This was spinach, zucchini, peppers, tomato and garlic with eggs.

Lunch: As a vegetarian the Whole30 is a bit tougher. They do have a vegetarian protocol but I purposely increase my fish and egg intake to avoid doing the vegetarian protocol. I only started eating fish for my whole30 last year and eat it occasionally. It can be hard to eat fish daily!! So, I do allow myself the occasional vegetarian protein source to give me a bit of variety and I really needed something different. I had organic tempeh in a BLTA style lettuce wrap with almond tomato spread and dipping veggies.

Dinner: Coconut fish tacos with pico and avocado crema on cilantro lime cauliflower tortillas.

30 Day Shred: √ľ

Devotions: √ľ

Oh boy these dreams are getting crazy! I woke up on tuesday crying because, for the second day in a row, I dreamed that Steven was divorcing me. In this dream he left me for some thin, attractive woman in yoga pants and a sports bra hahah. It was during my devotions that morning that really helped me process these dreams. Both my Bible reading plan I am following and my devotional were focused in Romans chapter 8. Romans 8 is a very packed chapter dealing with freedom from indwelling sin and ¬†our position in the Spirit of God. It talks a lot about our fleshly nature and our spiritual nature. I felt as though God was revealing to me the battle I am in between my “old /present self” and the person I am trying to become. I am in a process of transformation, of breaking old bad habits and growing into a healthier, more active and fit person. I think the dream was basically true. I am divorcing this person I have become. Theologically I am sure it’s ridiculous to compare the two, but it made sense to me!

Also, Steven isn’t divorcing me, just in case you were curious.

day 6

Breakfast: Yep, it’s the same picture as yesterday. Why retake a picture of the same food?

Lunch: Egg salad in cabbage cups and almond tomato spread with dipping veggies.

Dinner: Leftover fish tacos.

30 Day Shred:


Goodness gracious! Lilah decided to stay up basically the entire night. It was rough! I did not get up early to work out and we had an early Dr. appointment for Lilah that morning too so I inhaled my breakfast bowl and  we were out and about most of the morning. I was zombie mama on Wednesday. No excuses but thankful there is grace!

day 7

Breakfast: Bell Pepper baked eggs. 

Lunch: Egg salad and cabbage cups, although I added some kohlrabi salad as well.

Dinner: Lemony green beans, salmon cakes and veggies and spread.

30 Day Shred:√ľ


I think the recovery was a good thing for me again because my workout was great! The food boredom is starting to kick in. I made a bunch of stuff to help me not have to cook a ton, but forcing myself to eat it before it goes bad is tough. I am so over kohlrabi salad right now haha. I also had a lovely visit from my cycle while at the park which I haven’t had since last year before getting pregnant. With Linden my cycle returned right before he turned 1. I thought I had 6 more months! So, you can imagine how I am feeling today. I wasn’t prepared for this surprise but hoping it doesn’t make week 2 a nightmare. Although, I think that’s the reasons for my chocolate and salty snack cravings.

Whole Health August

30 Jul


As many of you might remember, I did a Whole30 last May. I vowed to continue many of the habits and use that month as a jumping off point to further health. Did that happen? NOPE! I actually got pregnant basically the last week on my Whole30 and the morning sickness, food aversions and eventual cravings took right on over. I had eliminated the sugar dragon last round but Lilah made me crave sweets like never before! So not only did I gain back that 15 lbs but added even more baby weight to the equation. During my pregnancy I decided I would do another round starting August 1st. It is our least busy summer month, we always have a bounty of produce from our garden and our CSA, and Lilah would be nearing 6 months old.

With each approaching day I get more ideas. And because I am crazy, I am doing more than a Whole30 this year. Steven likes to say I am “all or nothing” with things, which is pretty true. That is why I have decided to declare August, Whole Health August!

I will be doing a Whole30. I will also be committing to doing the 30 Day Shred workout by Jillian Michaels. And to round out the mind, body, spirit connection, I will be focusing on spending at least 30 minutes for 30 days of Bible reading and devotional time. The devotional time is something I have been slacking on consistently since adding more and more children to our life. There is no excuse other than I have allowed the business of life to distract too often and so I am focusing extra time and energy to make sure I get that much needed time with my Lord. My Bible reading on most days lately is reading David and Goliath 10 times a day to Linden because he is OBSESSED. {tangent: have you seen these videos of our favorite Jesus Storybook Bible stories? Awesome!}

I am hoping that this Whole30 will actually be the jumping off point for me that I had intended round 1 to be. Since I do not plan on having any more babies for ¬†a long while, there is no excuse. I am ready to work hard and ready to feel like myself again. We have a trip to Italy in the future with Steven’s family. It is looking like it will be around September or October 2015. I want to feel like a hot mama in Italy! That gives me a little over a year to really focus on my whole health. I am not looking for perfection and cannot promise I will not fail but the idea is to be accountable for 30 days. Perhaps 30 days will lead to 365!



Whole30 Results

28 May


{Forgive the lack of makeup and bad lighting}

The above picture is my before and after the Whole30. While the point of the Whole30 is not to lose weight, it is a common side effect for many. I welcome any and all weight loss! I actually forgot to weight myself until a few days into the challenge and a few days after the challenge but I say I lost about 12-15lbs. We have a dial scale that is not the most accurate which is why I have a  range of weight loss. I never took my measurements but I could notice a big change in how my clothes fit.




{I haven’t been able to zip this dress since Steven and I were engaged/newly married. Still tight but it zips!}

The Whole30 boasts many benefits that most people experience while on the challenge. Some of these benefits most experience  include: more energy also called Tiger Blood, loss of cravings, better sleep, and  weight loss.

Weight loss: Achieved!

Better Sleep: I honestly believe I did sleep better. I did have  a lot of crazy vivid dreams though.  I was able to fall asleep much faster then normal and slept like a log! Usually I toss and turn a lot more.

Tiger Blood/Energy: Overall, I did not experience this. I think I had a few days that I had a good amount of energy but it is difficult to tell. I am also a mama of a toddler who is teething and wakes me up off and on during the night and saps my energy during the day! Perhaps I would have been able to sustain more of the energy if I wasn’t chasing Linden all day.

Cravings: This one is also a little hard to tell. Did I miss grains like crazy, yes! I did fine without them but it never felt like a complete meal without some sort of grain! One side effect I did not expect but have enjoyed is the lack of sugar cravings! I am still drinking coffee without sugar. I have indulged in a few sweets since being off of the challenge, but they definitely haven’t had the same pull as before. Everything is extra sweet tasting and so what I have had, has been less due to the intensity. One scoop of ice cream is SO SWEET! I am gladly using this lack of sugar cravings as a jumping off point to maintain a less sweetened lifestyle moving forward.

I also noticed less allergies. I am usually a lot more sensitive to what ever is blowing around outside and frequently experience runny noses and sneezing fits. I noticed a drastic change in my allergic reactions. Which is AMAZING! Especially during spring time in the pacific northwest!

Everyone keeps asking me if it has changed my approach to food. Yes and no. We have always been a family who valued whole foods, organics, grass fed meats and home cooking. Those aspects of the Whole30 are probably why this challenge resonated with me in the first place. The part about moving forward in a more paleo lifestyle is not for us. We did it for 30 days but will not continue to be 100% grain free. I am however trying to include more protein into our meals. Not 1-2 palm sizes of protein at every meal like during the challenge, but at least one or two meals per day including a decent portion of protein.

I am also trying to limit the grains a bit more as well as return to a more  concentrated focus towards properly preparing the grains we do eat. It is really easy to let the soaking, sprouting and fermenting of foods slide during the busy days of motherhood. Pre Linden, I was much more diligent in our grain preparation. I slacked off a lot in the past year and since Linden was grain free until about 14 months old, when his molars came in. Now that he is eating grains, I really desire to make them as nourishing for him as possible, and for us as well.

Dairy is another area we are trying to keep at a minimum. We love dairy but eat entirely too much. Not that dairy is bad! We have always tried to have better quality dairy but the amounts we consumed were so much that we often had to lower our standards to fit within budget. Moving forward, I am dedicating more to quality and less to quantity.

Speaking of budget…. this is the BIGGEST impact we experienced for the negative. We more then doubled our grocery budget for this plan. Granted we did not eat out AT ALL or even go out to do anything so it was sort of a wash financially. We knew going into it that we would spend much more on groceries. When you are buying 1-2 palm sized portions of high quality protein per person per meal, it adds up quick! My protein sources were not as much because I ate mostly canned wild caught salmon and tuna, fresh wild caught cod from my parents and local pastured eggs. Steven, however, ate lamb, steaks, ground beef, pork, chicken, sausage, all grass fed, pastured and organic. Now, the Whole30 doesn’t require this. They encourage it as much as possible but give you options when not possible. We really did splurge. I have no idea how anyone could maintain that for long term unless they had purchased a half of a cow a head of time, owned chickens and went fishing every weekend!

The principals gained were worth it though. I learned that I, a long time vegetarian, can in fact survive without rice, beans, oatmeal, bread, quinoa, cheese, and  sugar. I learned that I can be a lot more resourceful in the kitchen. I learned a lot about my own cravings and self discipline. I also learned Steven hates dieting and will never try another one!

Take Aways: You can do it! If I can do it, and Steven can do it, so can you. Have a support system in place, utilize the forum on Whole9life.com, meal plan and think ahead for those unexpected life circumstances.

Do you have any other questions? I might have left some points out so please ask away!

Whole30 Recap: The Final Days

23 May

Day 22


With the start of our final week I had a sweet potato southwest style breakfast bowl. I remember lunch being super crazy this day because I was watching 2 kiddos along with Linden. I had about 10 minutes to throw something together and so I ate some tuna patties, frozen veggie mix with sesame seeds and an apple with almond butter. As a special treat to start off our last week, I made a SWYPO. A SWYPO is a no-no on the Whole30. It is basically something that mimics a non-Whole30 food like a healthy paleo muffin or pizza. I avoided making anything considered a SWYPO for the whole challenge but as a special treat I figured it would be ok once. So I made cauliflower pizza and salad with hard boiled eggs as my protein.

Day 23


I still had a little bit of tempeh leftover from the BLTA’s ¬†from last week so I tossed them into a breakfast egg wrap. For lunch I finished off the SWYPO pizza. We had an asian style dinner with cauliflower fried rice, “teriyaki” marinaded salmon and broccoli ginger broccoli.

Day 24


My new favorite breakfast is the kale, tomato scramble. For lunch I had spaghetti squash with tuna and pesto. Dinner was leftovers of our asian dinner.

Day 25


Can you tell how much I love kale scramble!? Leftover pesto lunch and mashed cauliflower, roasted asparagus, homemade applesauce and salmon cakes for dinner. Steven had pork chops on this day.

Day 26


Another delicious southwest breakfast bowl.  I am getting a little tired of sweet potatoes though. Left over salmon cakes and vegetable bone broth soup for lunch and a smorgasbord dinner of veggies, almond spread, salmon cakes, apple sauce and sautéed zucchini.

Day 27


Yummy Saturday breakfast of roasted sweet potatoes, almond spread and cucumber and burnt fried eggs! We were running out of food and went shopping later that afternoon which is why there is cucumber at breakfast. Also, I always manage to cook beautiful eggs for Steven and ultimately ruin mine every time because I am trying to do a million thing at once haha. Leftovers lunch: soup, salmon cakes, fruit and bell peppers. For dinner I tried a recipe for deconstructed fish tacos that turned out terrible. It looks nice in this picture but does not taste that great. I served it with watermelon and pineapple, almond coleslaw.

Day 28


Sunday started out well. We had kale scramble for breakfast and then our day went horribly down hill when Linden had a seizure. Read about that here. We were at the hospital for 8 hours that day. We had been there for 3 hours when we realized it was 5pm and we had yet to eat lunch. Steven went to the hospital cafeteria and tried to find the most Whole30 compliant food he could. He did pretty well. My meal was a salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing with hardboiled eggs. He got a chicken salad but didn’t realize it had a soy ginger dressing. Soy is not allowed but C’est la vie! We thought we were doing well enough! We also were told we should be leaving soon after that. So we declined friendly offers for dinner because it seemed we would be home in enough time to actually cook up some dinner. ¬†Little did we know that they lost Linden’s urine sample and we wouldn’t be discharged till after 10 pm. By the time we got to our car and went to the drug store to buy Motrin it was so late! We were absolutely exhausted and starving. Nothing was open, anything I could cook at home would take too long and too much energy and that is when our Whole30 died! We had horrible disgusting Taco Bell at nearly 11 at night. So close to the end of our Whole30 and it was ruined, cannon ball style! Bean and cheese burrito and nachos supreme no beef.

Day 29


We had already meal planned for the week which included 2 more full Whole30 days and the start of the reintroduction phase. The reintroduction phase allows for dairy to be introduced on Day 1, gluten containing grains on Day 4, non-gluten containing grains on Day 7 and finally, legumes on Day 10.

Since we basically ruined that by consuming Taco Bell and defeated the purpose of a slow reintroduction phase, we decided to end our strict Whole30. As I said above, we had already meal planned and grocery shopped for the strict Whole30 and Dairy introduction so by default most of our remaining meals complied but for breakfast this day we celebrated by taking a walk to Starbucks for Americanos with cream and bagels with cream cheese.

Lunch was leftover nasty fish tacos, but I still had to cook them. I find fish is better freshly cooked instead of cooked and reheated. If I had already cooked it though, it would have saved us a Taco Bell stop haha.

Dinner was veggies, apple sauce and pork chops again because Steven said that was his favorite meal so far. I just had tuna cakes instead.

Day 30


Our last day we had kale scramble for breakfast. I even had it for breakfast the past few days post Whole30 because it is so delicious. For lunch I had an apple with almond butter, soup and a cup of whole milk yogurt. Not very Whole30 compliant but close. I think I may have even eaten a slice of cheese as a snack that day too. We had leftovers for dinner.

We are finished. Not as strong as we had hoped to end this but life intervenes indeed!

I will write up my overall synopsis and results in another post. Stay tuned!

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